Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hogar de Cristo in Quilpué

Building on the previous blog post, below is a quick video introduction to the Hogar de Cristo site in Quilpué where Holy Trinity's donation will likely be put to use:


Covering the patio will provide an outdoor recreational area for the site, especially in winter when all the children are stuck inside due to cold weather and rain. The project aims to accomplish larger goals than just providing space for recreation. Due to the funding structure of the organization, this site's kindergarten and daycare center receive financial government assistance depending on attendance. This means that if children get sick and attendance drops, so does government funding. With all the kids cooped up in a confined indoor space all day during cold and flu season, it is easy for transmission of diseases to occur. Though the area to be covered is relatively small, the hope is that it will provide an outdoor space that will alleviate cramped space within the building.

A view from inside the patio

Looking into the area to be covered

Quilpué, the town where this particular site is located, sits outside of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, Chile. These two adjacent cities attract large crowds of tourists and host a large number of students. Unfortunately, Quilpué is too far away to realize much financial or human capital benefits. Attracting volunteer help is difficult when there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to work in Viña and Valpo without commuting 45 minutes by bus outside of town.

Money donated by Holy Trinity Catholic School will help start the process but may not be enough to complete the entire construction project. To donate to Hogar de Cristo, click here, or e-mail me at for specific information about this project.

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