Monday, January 5, 2009

The Buenos Aires Picture Show

I have spent the last couple of days exploring Buenos Aires, getting used to being nearly 6,000 miles from home, and figuring out sleeping arrangments. Everything is working out about as good as it could. Apparently everyone goes on vacation right now, and when I arrived on New Year's Day, practically the entire city was shut down. Most shops and markets were closed, but fortunately public transport was still running. This also means that many organizations are unreachable, so I've been keeping busy by practicing my Spanish (usually referred to as castellano here - Español is heard more as a nationality than the language) and learning as much as I can from locals and other travelers about traveling through different parts of Latin America.

I have a lot to write about, but for now I can only share some photos that I've taken since I arrived along with some music from a local group. As I explain in the montage, the group is called aqualactica and they are based here in Buenos Aires. Hearing them play live is mesmerizing!

The slideshow is about 8 minutes long. It was really late when I made this, so that is why I look dirty and tired at the beginning of the video . Don't worry, I have a comfortable bed to sleep in and access to a shower...I just haven't used it recently. Enjoy!

Buenos Aires Picture Show from Twenty Twelves on Vimeo.


  1. that was awesome schmames. i hope you keep more footage like that rolling our way. the music was perfect, some parts coincided so perfectly. i plan to steal that cd if you make it back with it in one piece. keep on keeping on. namaste.

  2. Beautiful. I love the photos from the plane...stunning. ¿Como va el castellano?

  3. de hecho va muy bien! mejor que creí. El accento argentino (y especialidad los porteños acá en Buenos Aires) es muy defícil entender! me entendés vos? jaja. el voseo es raro para mi!

  4. Woo hoo! Si te entiendo, esta re bien hee hee. Los chilenos diriamos "me entendi vo'?" a si que no es tan diferente.
    Are you picking up their ll's and y's? Sho me shamo Nomad?

  5. Loved the video compliation, JC! The music is great and we are so glad you arrived safely and have connected with some folks! We continue to pray for your journey, both of the body and of the soul. God be with you!
    Reed and Shirley

  6. Thanks so much Reed and Shirley! In Spanish they say, "vaya con dios" - go with God. Thank you again for your support!


    Some Chilean Woman: I hear the ll's and y's, but I often don't understand the words that they are in...all I hear is sho shma shmee shhhhhh, haha. I didn't know chileans did the vos thing too. claro que se quita el 's', muy relajado (perdon, muy relaja'o, jaja), pero tambien se dice vos?

  7. My step father is from Argentina so I hear shhhhhh shhee shoo all the time -I still don't understand him half the time, which is a good thing.
    Yes we use the vos thing. However, you only use it around your friends, it's a casual thing unlike Argentinos -oye vo', relaja'o no ma' a lo chileno-

  8. I truly enjoyed the slideshow...the music was great! I loved the pictures from the plane and also seeing the art! Hope you're enjoying the trip so far and continue to do so!

  9. awesome show mang! glad to see you're havin' some fun down there. the e-violin quartet was seicka den a silent poot! cool pix, keep up the good work muh nucc.


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