Monday, January 26, 2009

Favorite Children's Games

After an interesting experience in Córdoba, I arrived in Santa Fe, Argentina yesterday (Sunday 1/25) and really love the feel of the city. This morning I went and spoke with an organization called CILSA ( that operates four different types of programs here in Santa Fe. They have a few activities that I can help out with including a birthday party this Thursday or Friday for the children in their recreation program. I will share a bit more about the organization after I work with them, but for now I need some suggestions.

CILSA asked if I could organize some type of game for the children to play. There are 30-35 kids, so the game has to include all of them. The children are between 3 and 13. If you have any suggestions, send me an e-mail ( or and explain how to play. A friend of mine in Atlanta (thanks Magen!) suggested Red Rover. I LOVE that game! I have to come up with some kind of rhyme in Spanish to replace, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Jaime right over".

Thanks for the suggestions!

I've added a Myspace page, mainly for posting pictures. Making montages takes too much time. If you aren't familiar with Myspace, all you have to do is click on the picture on the main page to go to the Photo Gallery.



  1. James, you got it going on and I want you to know we'll be ready for you when you get into the wild interior of Panama. Eat lots of beef now because when you get to Panama beef is cooked and called "ropa vieja" and it kinda tastes like old clothes just like the name says. In Panama it will be chicken till you cluck and fish till you sprout gills. I am enjoying reading about your travels. Buena suerte. Lisa

  2. James...hell yea man. This is a great trip would like to see more surfing but thats just me. Anyways I got some games you can play. Freeze tag, kick ball, red lite green lite, hide and seek, all the way around the world or somthing ( its where you whisper something in the first persons ear and then they say it only once to the next person, and so on till it get to the last kid) you always get somthing funny in the end. three legged races, just to name a few. Have fun and be safe. I always thought you were a back of the bus type person. haha jk later, Gary

  3. Hola, JC!
    Haven't you just turned into a great young man!
    I am so very proud to see you exploring the world...wish Matt was half as adventurous! He can fly all over the world and doesnt care a thing about it! Mexico is his limit. I will be following you:)
    Janet Martin

  4. thanks so much for the suggestions folks!


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